String length in http.conf

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String length in http.conf

Postby MacLion » 13. September 2012 01:25

Hey, I ran into a funny situation.

I set up my iMac this way: for easy data management - two partitions, one is called iMac(system) where Mountain Lion goes, and a partition named iMac(Data) where I moved all Document, Desktop, Download, directories to, use alias to link them to the system, which works fine.
Now I want to move htdocs from XAMPP to the data partition as well. That's where problem came in. In DocumentRoot, I changed it to "/Volumes/iMac\(data\)/htdocs", XAMPP complained. Question #1, I supposed it doesn't allows non-characters symbols like (,[ etc. Am I correct?
The stranger thing comes When I changed the volume to iMacData, in DocumentRoot "/Volumes/iMacData/htdocs", it still complains. Then I changed the iMac and in http.conf "/Volumes/iMac/htdocs",it works perfectly.
For experiment, I changed the volume name to iMacD and iMacXYZ, in http.conf changed to "/Volumes/iMacD/htdocs" and "/Volumes/iMacDataXYZ/htdocs", it stops working. It seems like I can't have more then four characters for the volume name iMac, once I added even one more character, it stops working. Is there a rule somewhere in the configuration that limit it to four characters? How do I fix this?
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