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Move my local created database with phpMyAdmin to my Server

PostPosted: 20. September 2013 12:59
by Kuruno1

I just created a blog system with xampp and phpMyAdmin. Now I want to move this on my server for my website. I'm using Filezilla so can anyone help me?
Everything is set up. I have a mysql database on my server through my provider.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Move my local created database with phpMyAdmin to my Ser

PostPosted: 21. September 2013 12:03
by Nobbie
If you want to copy an existing installation from one server to another, this mostly results in a bunch of problems, as infrastructure mostly is different (different software releases), as well es different file system structure, different databases, as well as different server name (Domain name) etc. pp.

Therefore you should not copy a finished installation, but install the desired software directly on the server and run the installation script there. The installation script usually analyzes the environment and creates certain configurations files or databases, which only fits to this server.