filezilla does not work

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filezilla does not work

Postby thunderMex » 14. August 2005 20:55

I am completely frustrated with FileZilla. I have the latest upgrade of Xampp and have Xampp on my localhost machine for 2 years. FileZilla has NEVER worked. UNLESS I activate the Windows XP IIS control panel and Start the Windows FTP server I cannot connect with my Xampp installation.

The problem is that if I turn on the Windows XP FTP server and define "localhost" so that File Zilla connects immediately to "localhost" then I do not have CHMOD permissions. I have a working Apache server and MySql server that process .php and mysql connections.

I have used all types of FTP programs since 1996 and have tons of experience with their setup. I start up the FileZilla server, I use the interface that specifies nothing but an address such as "localhost" or and the port 14147, I try the anonymous settings, I try the newuser and wampp username and password. I try proxy settings, everything.

But, the FileZilla server does nothing for me. I can not connect to http://localhost or "localhost" or "" unless the Windows XP FTP server is running.

I have my computer defaulted to never start up the Windows XP IIS services. I am using the Xampp Apache Server and the MySql server and they work fine. What is the SECRET to getting the FileZilla FTP server configured so that it works?
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