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Upload Error

Postby rony787 » 21. May 2020 23:41

I am able to login to my server using FileZilla, but whenever I try to upload files (from my Windows system) I get the following error:

/var/www/dir1/file1.zip: open for write: permission denied
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Re: Upload Error

Postby subzero » 15. June 2021 19:58

this a permission issue with your file system of the server operating system , Make sure the user that you login with in ftp has the permission to make changes .
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Re: Upload Error

Postby rapidpng » 10. March 2023 23:19

This error message indicates that you do not have permission to write files to the directory where you are attempting to upload the file. There are a few possible reasons for this issue, including:

File permissions: Check if the directory permissions on your server are set correctly. Make sure that the user you are logging in as has write permission for the directory.

Ownership issues: Check if the ownership of the directory is set correctly. If the directory is owned by another user, you may need to use the chown command to change the ownership of the directory to the user you are logging in as.

Quota limits: Check if the quota limit of the server has been exceeded. This could prevent you from uploading files even if you have permission to write to the directory.

Firewall issues: Check if your firewall is blocking the FTP connection or the port used by FTP.

To fix this issue, you should contact your server administrator and ask them to check the directory permissions and ownership, as well as the quota limits and firewall settings. They can help you to adjust these settings so that you can upload files to your server using FileZilla.

Thanks ;)
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