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Tomcat won't run

PostPosted: 12. July 2010 18:43
by laceja
I am very new to Tomcat. I had been using WAMP before, but decided to switch to XAMPP, so I could use the Tomcat add on. I apologize for asking for this simple assistance. I imagine it has already been asked and answered many times. However, it seems almost everything in is German and I speak no German. Anyway, here's my question:

I downloaded and installed the XAMPP Apache server, which is working just fine. I tested it with my PHP application. However, I also downloaded and installed the Tomcat add on and, when I click the "start" button, it starts, but is not running. I checked the log folder, but it is completely empty. I need some guidance to get Tomcat running. I hope someone there can help me.

XAMPP with Tomcat add on for Windows XP. Installed the .exe install scripts.

I should also mention, I have jdk1.6.0_20 and jre6 installed.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help.

It seems that Tomcat is indeed running. I was able to display the welcome page. However, it doesn't say it's "running" on the XAMPP control panel. Also, the "Start" button still says "Start", so how do I "Stop" it?