PHP Paradox

Hier geht es um XAMPP AddOns wie z. B. das Apache-Konfigurations-Tool Apanatschi. Irgendwelche Probleme damit oder Fragen dazu? Dann ist hier genau der richtige Ort um nachzufragen.

PHP Paradox

Postby bigN » 06. April 2008 10:04

How can I update the Paradox Module "pxlib" to the newer version o.6 in order to Read and write a paradox database , because some vital functions are not available (such as px_insert_record() )
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paradox access

Postby bigN » 14. April 2008 10:18

Pls help :?,

I am trying to run the bellow functions from examples given in Xampp addon paradox set, but always get an error "Call undefined function".
I am using the latest XAMPP for Windows Version 1.6.6a.

px_delete_record — Deletes record from paradox database
px_insert_record — Inserts record into paradox database
px_retrieve_record — Returns record of paradox database
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Re: PHP Paradox

Postby depcl » 25. January 2010 16:42


I have the same problem here: I can read the data base but I can't insert/update any record.
Can someone give us a hint?

Thank you
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Re: PHP Paradox

Postby miki28 » 27. May 2010 16:30

I have the same Problems.. have already asked the developer of the addon.. but didn't get any response.
Somebody of you already solved the problem?
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Re: PHP Paradox

Postby angelblue15 » 13. June 2013 08:09

Ich habe Xampp windows installiert mit dem Perl addon. Ich brauche allerdings auch das libxml modul von perl. Auf verschieden seiten habe ich gelesen das dieses in dem Perl addon waere, habe es aber nicht gefunden. Es soll wohl im ordner /perl/lib/xml/ sein. Da ist es aber nicht.
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Re: PHP Paradox

Postby BlueLotus » 28. November 2013 08:01

I have updated the Paradox Module directly from the software but now it is not able to edit or make any changes, as you guys are discussing I have also got a read only version. What to do? Shall I uninstall all and install the latest version back. Will it fix the issue?

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