Apache, php and MySQL

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Apache, php and MySQL

Postby Bahan » 10. December 2004 13:10

Hi guys,

Sorry to speak poorly english but my German is really very bad (worst than my english ^_^).

I'm using Xampp on a server (with Sparc processor) working under Sun Solaris 8.0.

The thing is, that the following line :
/opt/xampp/xampp start
gives me the following answer :
/opt/xampp/xampp: not found

I installed this software like said in this url : http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-solaris.html

Xampp is installed in the default directory.

So I can't start xampp, but maybe can I start mysql, php and Apache ?

My question is : how can I do that ? How start manually these servers ? Which are the files that I have to execute or do a start ?


edit : It seems that I choose the bad section (I didn't see before that a foreigner section is existing). Maybe someone could deplace my message there ?
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Postby apolanco » 11. February 2005 16:09

I had the same problem because the file system was full and the installation process not end properly

Check your file system space and verify th e space available
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