!!! Important - How To Search - READ Before Posting !!!

Problems with the Solaris version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything related.

!!! Important - How To Search - READ Before Posting !!!

Postby Sharley » 04. January 2009 00:41


The Apache Friends Forum Search facility has now been restored and so all past and present topics and posts are now available again to be searched and the search engine in phpBB3 would seem to far outshine the search engine of the old phpBB2 forum.

It is recommended to always search the forums before starting a new thread as most questions relating to XAMPP have been asked and answered many times before - this can be a big time saving recommendation.

For best results it may be just a case of experimenting with the keyword(s) and (new in phpBB3) the phrases used and the selected Search in forums: used in your search criteria, for example, XAMPP for Solaris if searching this English forum.

You can also specify to see all available content of a post in the results or just a few lines, selected by using the drop box characters of posts.

Thanks for reading this and good luck with your search.
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