oci8 extension in xampp for solaris

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oci8 extension in xampp for solaris

Postby aliyesami » 27. April 2008 18:03

hi !

I am using xampp for windows and the oci8 extension (and all others) are placed in a directory called 'EXT' under the base.
In solaris there is no such directory in /opt/xampp and there is a directory called MODULES but no oci8 module there , so if I uncomment the line "extension=php_oci8.dll" from the php.ini file the oci8 module does not get enabled (checked it via phpinfo.php).

I have two questions :
1- how do I enable oci8 extension in php for solaris ?
2- why on solaris platform the php.ini file contains extenstions like <name>.dll ? because .dll is a windows file type, or is it just symbolic ?

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Re: oci8 extension in xampp for solaris

Postby mark.benntt22 » 04. June 2009 10:44


I am having trouble activating oci8 on solaris too. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: oci8 extension in xampp for solaris

Postby matteo_gioia » 06. April 2010 16:42

Hallo everyone,
I am trying to turn on Oci8 support for Solaris, as the previous posts, no problem on Ubuntu but I can't understand how to make it on Solaris.
I have Solaris 2.8 and Xampp for Solaris 0.9.
Did anyone succeded?
Thanks in advance.

Matteo :roll:
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Re: oci8 extension in xampp for solaris

Postby vitwnow » 30. July 2010 17:21

Downloads and documentation regarding oci8 can be found at the following links:
Downloads: http://pecl.php.net/package/oci8 and
Docs: http://us.php.net/oci8
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Re: oci8 extension in xampp for solaris

Postby robon222 » 21. January 2011 07:14

the xampp on solaris does not have oci8 support since the php that comes with it is not compiled with oci8 version, I tried it and it never worked.
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