Problems with windows and solaries

Problems with the Solaris version of XAMPP, questions, comments, and anything related.

Problems with windows and solaries

Postby maruthi » 09. January 2008 14:06

Hi all,
I have downloaded XAMPP windows version and setup mediawiki on the same OS.
Now, i am supposed to Install it on Solaries OS for which i obviously have to get the download of XAMPP solaries version.
Can you please suggest me which one is better :?: :?:
Please let me know what problems i might face if i go with solaries.
I am eagerly waiting for ur replies....

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Postby krelvinaz » 16. January 2008 23:25

Right now, there is NO support for Xampp on Solaris as the Xampp team has dropped support for Solaris some time ago.

The Windows version is different from the other versions of Xampp in that some of the server enviroments are different, but I've not played around with it enough to give a real comparison.

I'm sure someone else can though.
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