What is necessary to Restart Development for Solaris?

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What is necessary to Restart Development for Solaris?

Postby krelvinaz » 30. June 2007 20:05

What is necessary to re-jumpstart the support for Solaris with Xampp?

I note that development had gone forward, but then was dropped back to the older version.

I have been using the Beta version of both solaris-10-x86-0.9.sh and solaris-10-sparc-0.9.sh on a couple of test servers with no real issues, but it would be nice to have the development parts available and some updates on the versions.

I would like to see continued development for Xampp for Solaris in both Sparc and Intel versions.

If it is a matter of financial support or perhaps just access to some development boxes, this might be arranged.

If the developers would like to contact me, they can reach me at the email address assocated with my account here.
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Postby pawill79 » 13. July 2007 01:40

I definitely agree w/ krelvinaz post. I am becoming very dependant on XAMPP's Solaris SPARC version and would really like it to mirror the linux version. Having the development portion is huge since a lot of 3rd party software depend on those files to cross compile. In general, it would be nice to get XAMPP out of the beta stage as not to scare off potential customers.
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