XAMPP on SunOS 5.8

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XAMPP on SunOS 5.8

Postby z0o0o0m » 09. June 2005 06:49

I have a machine that runs on SunOS 5.8 its a Sun Blade 150, I was wonderin if there is a way I can run xampp on this machine>

I tried the Solaris installation package and all I'm getting is this message

uudecode: ISO8859-15 to 646 conversion: Invalid argument
uudecode: ISO8859-15 to 646 conversion: Invalid argument
Checking integrity of XAMPP files... (this may take a moment)
MD5 checksum failed: XAMPP files corrupt.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks! :)
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uuencode / decode

Postby alienday » 21. July 2005 20:23

This are usually owned by root only. So, you will see a corrupt since your user cannot execute. Try using root to install.
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