Nice installation experience - Minor language comments...

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Nice installation experience - Minor language comments...

Postby gwynevans » 31. March 2005 11:39

Hi - Just a couple of things I noticed during the install & startup...

(Of course, this is quibbling, as your English seems much better than my German could ever hope to be!)

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XAMPP is not installed at /opt/xampp. You choosed /opt/smarttrust/dpmaster/xampp.

Should be "chose" rather than "choosed".

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The configuration files needing to get adapted to this location.

Should be "need" rather than "needing" and I'd suggest "to be [updated|altered|adapted] to use this location" would be better.

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XAMPP: Do you want me to continue? [yes]
Okay. Giving my best...

Here, I'd suggest (no more than that) that "Do you want to continue?" and "Okay, updating..." might be better
Gwyn Evans
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Postby Ceelight » 31. March 2005 14:20

Thanks Gwyn! I think your comments are highly appreciated and welcome!

(Am I right @ Admins?) ;)
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