[Q&A] Where is the orange administration page

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[Q&A] Where is the orange administration page

Postby Altrea » 16. December 2015 02:44

Why am i sent here?

Questions about the old orange administration page are very common. This frequently given answer thread should answer the most common questions.

Where can i find the orange administration page?

In current XAMPP releases, the orange administration page has been replaced by the XAMPP dashboard.
The old orange administration page has been removed completely.

Why is it removed?

The code was written in the early times of XAMPP and never updated completely. Some parts of the codes were buggy (like the demo applications or the status page) and screwed up many XAMPP installations when used (e.g. the security functions), others are outdated (Documentations) or are misleading and confusing users (security functions too). The whole code and styling was far away from current best practices.

But how do i secure my XAMPP installation without the security scripts?

If you use XAMPP as it is designed for (as local test and development environment) you don't need to secure anything up.
  • Your computer should not be connected directly with the internet (for german end consumer this is common. The device directly connected to the internet and acting as gateway is the router and the computer is only visible in private LAN)
  • Your database user root can only be used from (...scripts saved on...) the computer XAMPP is installed on (secured by the MySQL/MariaDB user host setting).
  • phpmyadmin can only get accessed from the computer XAMPP is running on (secured by the new XAMPP security concept)
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