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Einfach Dinge, die nichts mit XAMPP, Apache Friends, Apache, MySQL, PHP und alle dem zu tun haben. Allerlei halt. ;) over to Wordpress & participate

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hello dear all - good day,

meet the Wordpress-core-developement-team: Follow this site for general updates, status reports, and the occasional code debate.

The WordPress core development team builds WordPress! Follow this site for general updates, status reports, and the occasional code debate.
There’s lots of ways to contribute:

New @wordpress/create-block package for block scaffolding

WP Notify weekly meeting agenda for Monday 2 March 2020
This is the agenda for the next WP Notify feature project

März 2020, 15:00 MEZ.

Opening and welcome
Reviewing work done on Current Status with a view to mark it complete
Reviewing and updating the requirements document: Project Goal
Reviewing and updating the requirements document: Overall Description
Open floor

Block Collections
Collections allow specific block types to be grouped together for added visibility in the editor’s Inserter menu, regardless of their categories. For instance, a plugin such as CoBlocks may register a Map block of category Widgets and a Post Carousel block of category Layout. By registering a collection for the coblocks namespace, these blocks will appear in the Inserter under their respective categories but also grouped under a CoBlocks collection.
The Block Collections API thus aims to improve the relationship of block discovery between users and plugin authors without compromising the semantics of block types, notably around categories (e.g. formatting, layout, widget, embed).


just head over - and read all the exciting news - participate and get more !!
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