WP:77 Mio sites : 55Tsd Plugs : 60% Marketshare ++successful

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WP:77 Mio sites : 55Tsd Plugs : 60% Marketshare ++successful

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dear experts and friends on ApacheFriends - the great ressouce for everything XAMPP etc...

- this story belongs to the series of Wordpress-articles that support the idea excange and knowledge-sharing in the woldwide community. :D :)

Wordpress : 77 Mio sites : 55Tsd Plugins : 60% Marketshare ++ wordpress is one of the most successful Web-projects

The reason that number is so high is partly because of content management systems. A content management system allows even beginners to easily make a website in no time.

cf. https://www.isitwp.com/popular-cms-market-share/
What is Market Share? Market share is the portion of a market controlled by a particular product or company. In simpler terms, market share shows how many people are using one product over the competition. By looking at market share, we can easily determine what the most popular CMS is.

For the purposes of this article, market share is determined by the percentages of websites using various content management systems.
Now, let’s get into the list of the most popular CMS by market share!

1. WordPress wordpress-most-popular-cms

Market Share: 60.4%
Total Live Sites: 24,808,989
Number of Sites in Top 1 Million: 318,828
Top 3 Countries with the Most Sites: United States, United Kingdom, Russia
Most Popular Sites: TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Beyonce, The Official Star Wars Blog, Microsoft News Center

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS with 60.4% of the market share. This means WordPress is used by 33.5% of all the websites online. That’s huge! And WordPress is used by popular brands across the world.

WordPress is an open-source software and it’s free and available to download from the WordPress.org website. All you need to purchase is a domain name and WordPress hosting in order to run your website and make it available to users online.
WordPress is beginner-friendly; you can easily make a website, blog, or online store with this CMS. Plus, customizing your WordPress site is easy and affordable since WordPress offers thousands of free themes and plugins to choose from.

For more information, check out our other article on 9 reasons why WordPress is the best site builder.
It’s also important to note that there are 2 different types of WordPress: WordPress.org and WordPress.org. For a detailed comparison, read our other article on WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org to find out if one is better than the other.
cf. https://www.isitwp.com/popular-cms-market-share/

by the way: the wordpress-success-story is based on the participation of the user - user, developer scattered all over the globe take part in
the development, the user2user-exchange and knowlege- and idea-sharing.

see the page http://www.wordpress.org and see the many meetups and besides that

see the projectpage with an overview: https://central.wordcamp.org/

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress.
WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you.
Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, knowledge and much much more.
And of course and get to know each other

Become an Organizer
Local organizers are what make each WordCamp unique. Organizing a WordCamp is a volunteer labor.

head over to https://central.wordcamp.org/ and take part in this worldwide success-story.
for Wordpress-development :: super toolkits a. http://wpgear.org/ :: and b. github.com/miziomon/awesome-wordpress
:: Awesome WordPress: A curated list of amazingly awesome WordPress resources, themes, plugins and shiny things.
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