wp twentyseventeen page created in customizer not visible

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wp twentyseventeen page created in customizer not visible

Postby unleash_it » 05. January 2020 23:03

dear community,

Set up a page with twentyseventeen-parallax-theme – the page i created in the theme customizer does not appear in the pages-overview:

the full story: i have installed several things – like the following:

a. polylang-plugin /which is just great and overwhelming – i love it!
b. wp-job-manager -/which is fantastic and a versatile and sustainiable developed plugin- i like it!
c. max-meta-menu – a great menu – very featurerich
d. twentyseventeen-parallax-theme;

i have set up and customized very quick – What i’ve done:

– installed the plugins like wp-job-manager, polylang, participants-database, etc. etx.
– needed to work out further steps and action that has to be done

what i have done so far:
i have set up a few Pages, and created translations for the pages – now they are visible in the pages-overview

according the overview: for the setup for the twenty-seventeen-wordpress-theme:
cf: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/twenty ... ess-theme/

Create the pages that you want to display in the front page sections.
The first thing you need to do is to create a few pages:

– Create a page to serve as your static homepage.
– Create a page to serve as your blog or posts page.
– Create up to four additional pages to contain the content that will be displayed in your homepage sections — make it three additional pages if you plan to use your blog or posts page as one of the homepage sections.
– In the case of my example website, I created a home page, blog page, about page, services page, and contact page.

i have set up 4 (Pages [to be frank – one “Homepage” and three “Posts-Page”]):
– we can see them in the customizer-pull (or drop)-down-menu;
– but i cannot see the pages Page-overview – “all pages”

why is this so?

btw: i found some note:

– The chosen static front page must be translated in all languages.
– Homepage and posts page must be different.

again – why the created pages do not show up in the general pages overwiew?

look forward to hear from you
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