getting started with VSC (Visual Studio Code ) on MX-Linux

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getting started with VSC (Visual Studio Code ) on MX-Linux

Postby unleash_it » 14. September 2019 12:14

hello dear Experts, good evening dear Nobbie

the topic: getting started with VSC (Visual Studio Code ) on MX-Linux

i run several Editors and IDEs such as 





VSC ... on a Windows System. 

and besides the last one - every one runs also on Linux. But i do not know how good the support of VSC for Linux is..

found this little HowTo-Text on HowTo-Forge: Getting started with Visual Studio Code (VSC) on Linu

Visual Studio Code (VSC) is a source code editor released by Microsoft only a few months ago. The software is based on the Atom engine and although it isn't open source, it offers a working version for Linux that you may find useful for a set of reasons. In this tutorial, we will take a look on how to install, setup and get started with VSC.

is it okay - can i install vsc on linux too - namely on MX Linux?
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