Question about webalizer

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Question about webalizer

Postby Don83 » 06. November 2012 14:55

since i could not find a dedicated webalizer forum i hope you do not mind that i post my question in the apache friends forum. Now i struggle with some decissions. I was given a server with a running environment. The girl governing the server has ... disapeared and does not work at my place anymore... she does not really like communicating as it seems. This puts me in a situation that every move on the server which i do might threaten the running website hosted by the server - and this may not happen.

Now there is this webalizer. It has a configuration file. I would like to change the configuration file so that it shows all hits.I guess this can be achieved if i change the following lines in the config to yes:
# The All* keywords allow the display of all URL's, Sites, Referrers
# User Agents, Search Strings and Usernames. If enabled, a seperate
# HTML page will be created, and a link will be added to the bottom
# of the appropriate "Top" table. There are a couple of conditions
# for this to occur.. First, there must be more items than will fit
# in the "Top" table (otherwise it would just be duplicating what is
# already displayed). Second, the listing will only show those items
# that are normally visable, which means it will not show any hidden
# items. Grouped entries will be listed first, followed by individual
# items. The value for these keywords can be either 'yes' or 'no',
# with the default being 'no'. Please be aware that these pages can
# be quite large in size, particularly the sites page, and seperate
# pages are generated for each month, which can consume quite a lot
# of disk space depending on the traffic to your site.

#AllSites no
#AllURLs no
#AllReferrers no
#AllAgents no
#AllSearchStr no
#AllUsers no

First of all - if i just change the config file and the cronjob runs it at night - will it display my changes correctly or do i have to adapt anything else besides the configuration file?
Secondly, it is a pretty large website with lots of content. Is there any danger if i display "all" that this may somehow overexert the server?

As of right now, I really am afraid to just put these changes into the config file.
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Re: Question about webalizer

Postby Don83 » 06. November 2012 15:25

Ok - i just edited the webalizer config file and enabled the option: "ALL xxx" for sites etc..
Then i used: webalizer -c /home/xxx/webalizer.conf 2>/dev/null

This line was written in the weekly cronjob, so i started it.

Well when i open the html file i dont see any changes. The stat-site looks like before ; /.
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Re: Question about webalizer

Postby Altrea » 06. November 2012 16:03

Hi Don83,

Have you read the Webalizer FAQ?
Especially part "20. Where can I get additional help?" which gives you more ressources which can give you more help.
One of this ressources is the Webalizer README where you can find all of these configuration parameters and their functionality. Remember one thing about configuration files, which can be read in the README file too:
Blank lines and lines that begin with a pound sign ('#') are ignored.

best wishes,
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