Congratulations to the USA...

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Congratulations to the USA...

Postby Oswald » 05. November 2008 09:30

...and Senator Barack Obama! May the force be with you! :)
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby toppertom » 28. February 2009 22:54

Thanks, there's still a lot of positive energy for him even as the economy tanks!
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby trunk » 23. July 2009 19:59

Do You guys still feeling the same about Mr. Obama ?
I wanted to share the same feeling but the war machine of U.S.A will not stop ever.
No matter who seems in charge.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby jmdirc » 02. November 2009 19:31

What surprises me is the guy hasn't been in office a year yet and he is catching the blame for everything that's happened here for the last 15 years, talk about narrow mindedness. Everyone knows Washington doesn't accept new ideas often and when it does, it takes quite a while to catch on, a lot longer than 9 months.

I have no idea why everyone expects overnight change - this isn't like going to McDonalds and ordering a hamburger.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby memilanuk » 02. January 2010 05:20

Because that is what the whole campaign platform was based on and promised at every turn? Call me crazy...

Every administration sets certain things in motion that the next guy (or guys) gets left holding the bag for - good, bad or otherwise. Bush caught hell for things set in motion by Clinton. Clinton inherited some good things and some bad things from the previous administration, so on and so forth. Congress (both sides) pushes idiotic poorly thought out legislation through, but they never catch any grief for it, just the President.

I don't think 'change' is bad, but the biggest problem I see is that people were/are so hungry for 'change' that they are letting things change too fast - the ramifications down the road are going to be ugly.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby rustyp » 31. January 2010 22:19

Business as usual nothing but broken promises, they guy is all LIP SERVICE, what did he achieve before getting elected, just a bunch of talk, huge spending sprees, lies, seems every day he gets caught doing something he campaigned against, I feel sorry for people who actually believed this guy and voted for them I suspect they are the same people living in a house that is very upside down at the moment or they lost their home all together WAKE UP look at what he has done.

I thought the Nobel peace prize was a award for achievement not for talking a good game, for ever on when ever I read about or hear about the Nobel peace prize I will LMAO it no longer means anything to me, might as well give him the Metal Of Honor whilst they are at it.

I thought before anything was going to be signed into law he was going to post it on the internet so everybody could read it, has this ever happen? All I keep seeing on the news is how they are trying to sneak everything through and not let everybody read it first.

His approval rating is in the toilet. WAY too many voters now are forgetting that MOST voted against McCain they didnt vote FOR Obama, I think if we had "None Of The Above" as a choice on the ballot he would not be in office today.

Guy is a bigger liar than the last prez we had!

He is NOT a man of his word!

I give him credit he does have a line of BS a mile long that people fall for...

Just what I see happening.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby MC10 » 21. February 2010 20:22

Obama's stuck doing nothing because the GOP (a.k.a. the Republicans) are filibustering the Senate, especially with the Republican victory in Maine. Since the Democrats now do not have the 60 votes necessary to close debate in the Senate, nothing is getting done.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby meows » 23. October 2010 09:01

Thanks for the congrats. Maybe it should have been condolances to us the citizens and cheers
for Obama Bin Laden, well thats how it feels.

Oregon USA
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby aquabizzle » 05. October 2011 22:32

Eagerly awaiting 2012 so we can get rid of this clown.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby ldalr » 05. October 2011 23:53

2012 can't get here fast enough
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby karlblue » 06. October 2011 07:58

Congratulations to the USA YAY!!
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby ginadeangelis » 07. October 2011 18:15

The US deserves every accomplishment they have earned! Fight hard to play hard!
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby Lanky » 10. October 2011 22:12

I personally believe in Obama and that he is a great leader of the United States. You cannot blame him for the mistakes and poor decisions of past leaders which has left nothing but mountain of problems for him to deal with.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby ron9776 » 11. October 2011 10:25

i hope honorable obama could address all his countrymen major needs and could maintain peaceful environment among all the nations, we hope he could make the proper decision to prove himself worth on his position.
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Re: Congratulations to the USA...

Postby safenessie » 14. October 2011 08:55

I think he is a great man it is just such a shame that the few folks behind the curtains have held him back. Just speed bumps though, He will get the job done3 it will just take him a bit longer.
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