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Community PlugIn

Postby max_klaus » 07. June 2008 20:18

Hey guys,

I was recently thinking of one thing I was kind of missing in the IDEs nowadays. In my opinion all the community platforms like e.g. Apache offer plenty of useful information for the developers. But usually one can only access them from the browser.

But what about having kind of Community PlugIn in an IDE like Eclipse or something? This plugin could get the latest news, faqs, tutorials, sample code or what ever you can think of directly to the IDE. Just imagine having something like this as a plugin window like file explorer in eclipse on the left-hand side and it would display some relevant information from the community website. One could even think of a plugin that maybe supports starting developers with faqs, tutorials and so on.

What do you think, would it be a good idea to implement something like this or is there already something similar out there? Which features/information would make sense for a developer to access through such a 'community' plugin? How could it look like, any ideas?

Thank you guys very much in advance.
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