pw protection with .htaccess/.htpasswd files: login?

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pw protection with .htaccess/.htpasswd files: login?

Postby brusch » 25. November 2006 08:40


No matter whether I set up a real pw protection with .htaccess/.htpasswd files at my ISP's apache server or I just click on online-Demos of php-script providers ([url][/url], [url][/url]), whenever I type the userid and pw the empty dialog box reappears immediately. I can repeat it until i cancel and get then the apaches "authorization required..." site.
I contacted these servers and mine with my new imac, the inbuilt PC (bootcamp) my old G4-mac, with 3 different Browsers, allways the samething. Whats wrong here?
1000 thanks for an answer


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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 27. November 2006 09:11


try looking at the Apache error.log while trying to access.
This will give you more information on what is going wrong.

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