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Postby rmpollard » 04. October 2006 05:26


I subscribed to this forum thinking nothing of it being in German. I need Apache assistance in English and would like to unsubscribe from this forum. I hope someone can read this and give me unsubscribe instructions.

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Postby Wiedmann » 04. October 2006 05:43

Well, if this is a German only forum, no one can read/understand your post or help you...

Maybe you should ask this question in the English section of this forum? ;-)

I have no idea how to unsubscribe. The easiest way is to forgett the login username / password (or write a pm to "Oswald").
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Postby rmpollard » 06. October 2006 04:20

The only English forums I can see are the XAMPP forums. I don't need help on this product. All other forums are in German. I was hoping someone would be able to read my posts since I couldn't see any English speaking posts in the Apache forums.

Any ideas on a good Apache forum (English speaking)? :-)
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