Building a cPanel/WHM and servers...

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Building a cPanel/WHM and servers...

Postby zHosting » 26. August 2006 19:31

Where can l find free online some english tutorials to learn how to build cPanels/WHMs, and ANY web server? I've basically been wanting to learn how to build my own cPanels/WHMs, and servers in ANY programming language, database formats, operating systems, etc that I want, for the longest time, with any feature that I want to add to the cPanel/WHM and servers of mine to use.

Plus, it'll help me so if there are features that I want, and other cPanels/WHMs and servers don't have, then I could build it for myself to use on my personal cPanel/WHM and server. Also, with how expensive cPanels/WHMs and servers are, it's cheaper to build my own for myself. Thanks in advanced.
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