wordpress 5.8 the second major release of 2021.

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wordpress 5.8 the second major release of 2021.

Postby unleash_it » 20. July 2021 21:41

WordPress 5.8 will be the second major release of 2021.

see: https://make.wordpress.org/core/5-8/

Release team
Matt Mullenweg is the Release lead, Jeff Paul and Jonathan Desrosiers are the Release Coordinators, Luke Carbis is the Triage Lead, Helen Hou-Sandí is the Core Tech Lead, Riad Benguella the Editor Tech Lead, Josepha Haden-Chomphosy is the Marketing and Communication Lead, Milana Cap the Documentation Lead, Mary Job the Support Lead and Piotrek Boniu the Testing Lead.

All release decisions will ultimately be this release teams’ to make and communicate while gathering input from the community. There will not be a new bundled theme included in 5.8.
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