Conditional Blocks allows you to create a unique experience

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Conditional Blocks allows you to create a unique experience

Postby unleash_it » 19. June 2021 17:57

Conditional Blocks allows you to create a unique experience

Conditional Blocks allows you to create a unique experience for your visitors and customers. Dynamic content using WordPress blocks is now easy.

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Conditionally hide Gutenberg blocks, even third-party blocks! You can use Conditional Blocks to restrict content on a memebership site, or you can created unique design on your landing pages.

Be creative, build templates with dynamic content – you can change the visibility of any block, grouped blocks and each nested block even reusable blocks! We plan on having Conditional Blocks ready for Full Site Editing (FSE) themes, if you have any ideas – let us know.

Conditional Blocks makes it easy to change visibility of any block.

Included condition types in the free version:

Show or Hide block based user state (logged in users or logged out users). Great for creating membership content for signed in users.
Show or hide block on mobile screens.
Show or hide block on tablet screens.
Show or hide block on desktop screens.
Modify the screensizes to fit the CSS breakpoints of your theme.
Learn more about the features

Show block depending on user roles (WooCommerce Customer, editor, subscriber, custom roles, etc).
Show block content for between date ranges.
Show block for any device (HTTP UserAgent) (iPhone, Android, macOS, linux and Windows).
Show block based on URL Referer (e.g if user came from or
Show block based on post meta fields, including custom meta fields and data.
Show block based on URL query strings (URL variables), You display custom confirmation content for form plugins like Gravitiy Forms.
Show block based on post ID or hide block on post IDs.
Create and manage presets of conditions to apply to multiple blocks acorss your whole site.
Show block based on PHP Logic and custom functions. The possibilities are unlimited.
WooCommerce – change the visibility of blocks based on total cart value of the current customer. Perfect for upselling.
WooCommerce – We have even more WooCommerce conditions for blocks coming, each condition will help you create dynamic upsells for smart marketing.
Support development of new features.
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