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see one of several reference-pages:

with a bunch of information on all gutenberg-topics:

- Getting Started
- Resources
- Block Directory
- Template Library

see also the WordPress Blocks Reference and Online-Live-Examples :: see an overview:

The WordPress Blocks reference
A catalogue of blocks for the WordPress block editor and the plugins that deliver them. Use it to find the blocks you need for your website.

Built and maintained by Herb Miller @herb_miller.

see an overview:

see for example ... s-feature/

Notes: A Feature block is part of the Features – coblocks/features block.
It consists of an Icon, Heading and Paragraph.
You can duplicate or remove blocks from a Feature block but can’t insert blocks.
The Icon can be styled as Outline or Filled.
You can set the icon size to Small, Medium, Large or Huge.
Link Settings enable you to link the Icon to other content.
Each Feature block can have a background image and/or colour.

see an overview:

overview on the block reference
for Wordpress-development :: super toolkits a. :: and b.
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