option to integrate limesurvey into wordpress

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option to integrate limesurvey into wordpress

Postby unleash_it » 21. September 2019 16:45

hello dear experts

i am desperatly on search for a option to integrate limesurvey into wordpress:
how can we do that!?

note a plugin exists - but this is pretty old and not maintained at the moment.
see the following data 

cf: https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/surveypress/

Using this plugin administrators can integrate WordPress with LimeSurvey, an Open Source powerful feature packed
survey tool, which gives the capability of importing users from WordPress to LimeSurvey and so registered users of your
WordPress site can see the open (or closed-access!) active surveys in their dashboard and take them as well!
Furthermore, grant some users the ability to create surveys or manage templates (if you wish!) based on roles or per user!
This plugin will be very useful for those who need a nice website/blog with the power of survey management.


Import users from WordPress to LimeSurvey.
Map the roles of users in WordPress with user capabilities/responsibilities in LimeSurvey.
Allow other users to create survey, manage labels/templates, create user and so on in LimeSurvey via this plugin.
Based on customization options, users can see public (or private!) surveys and take them directly through their dashboard in WordPress.
If you want to let only users of your website take some specific survey (closed access), use tokens. This way survey url will be private and only registered users can take the survey.

last update 3 years
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