question about web boards

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question about web boards

Postby scmeis1 » 01. February 2005 13:10

As a former IIS guy, learning about apache and now XAMPP. I am completely impressed. I was wondering how to make a webboard like this. I was going to use php-nuke but i see it done here and would like to know where to start. Thanks again for the help.

Scott Meisenholder
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Postby Ceelight » 01. February 2005 13:18

Hi Scott,

this board (phpBB) is open source software and you can find it here.

It requires Apache, php and mySQL. All of this you have in XAMPP.

To start:
1. Download the phpBB package.
2. decompress it
3. copy it into htdocs (linke.../htdocs/forum/)
4. create database with phpmyAdmin
5. start install-script of phpBB

Read the readme of the phpBB package or find all documantation on their website.

If you have more questions, post them here.

Have fun :lol:

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Postby ridge321 » 11. March 2005 01:24

I too wanted to configure a web board but when i try to run the install script i get cant locate database error can i overcome this
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