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Strange ftp login faults. need help

PostPosted: 26. January 2005 21:00
by statiic
Ok this is what i have done.

1. Installed lampp
2. Run the security script.
3. Set a new pass for proftpd by using the security script.
4. I had to change the folder username and usergroup in linux else i couldnt overwrite any files.

Ftp worked fine, after i rebooted the server ftp didnt do it anymore.
It stopped working, it now says an incorrect login error.

I checked the security script again and i checked the .conf file of proftpd, but everything was as it should be.
I rebooted the server again, but now it still says login error.

What the hell did i missed????

PostPosted: 27. January 2005 19:02
by statiic
Can anyone help me. I have an 530 error???