Backup tips needed

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Backup tips needed

Postby matissen » 23. January 2005 20:48

I am currently using The Uniform Server on a PC, but want to migrate to Linux and XAMPP. My only reason left if backup.

On my PC, using the Uniform Server, all I have to do for a complete backup is to copy my "server" folder. Should my PC crash, all I have to do is install Windows and then place the "server" folder in the same place as last time. I can also program so that it copies the folder every night to an external HD.

Is this possible with XAMPP and Linux? I really need help with this, so if anyone knows how to, please help me.

Also, I am a total newbie to Linux, so explain (and type out exactly how to) thoughly how I do the most effective backup.

Thank's in advance,
Mathias - Sweden
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Postby Wiedmann » 23. January 2005 20:53

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have read that but...

Postby matissen » 23. January 2005 21:30

have read that but have also read on these forums people having problems with the automatic backup. It also says on that page that backup / restore is "under development and may not work correctly".

What happens if you just copy the folder and with Uniform server?

Any more ideas, or does the backup work properly??? Backup is TOO important to ignore!
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