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how do I add the pgsql function??

PostPosted: 08. January 2005 00:27
by christoo
Hi there...

Can somebody tell me, how I add te pgsql function to lampp please??
What package do I need to do this?? librarys?? sources, codes?

Lampp is great ¡¡¡¡ but I work wiht php and postres, so thats why.


See you ¡¡

PostPosted: 09. January 2005 10:21
by PF4

it works great

PostPosted: 11. January 2005 16:06
by christoo
Thank you..

That was all I needed ¡¡¡ :D

But just one other thing: do you have any sample to add to lampp (working with postgresql)???

Thanks again.¡¡