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apxs not working?

PostPosted: 07. January 2005 09:39
by jammer

i'm trying to compile using the apxs that comes with xampp 1.4.11.
however, it's returning this error:

cannot open /opt/lampp/build/ No such file or directory at /opt/lampp/bin/apxs line 217.

the only option i see right now is for me to recompile apache httpd to get a valid apxs.

would anybody know if there is an alternative to recompiling?


PostPosted: 07. January 2005 14:22
by Oswald
Dear jammer!

You also need the XAMPP development package. It contains the missing files. You can get it from the same place where you downloaded XAMPP:



PostPosted: 10. January 2005 05:02
by jammer
thanks Oswald!

i managed to compile without a hitch and now i've now got tomcat 5.5.4 running alongside apache...

now i've just got to connect mysql with tomcat and i'm all set :D