Alternate location for data files

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Alternate location for data files

Postby infotactix » 30. December 2004 20:53

I just installed XAMPP for Linux and I'd like to change the data directories for MySQL and Apache from the default (under /opt/lampp) to more typical locations. Normally MySQL data is stored in /var/lib, Apache is usually in /home/htdocs or similar.

It appears that there are a couple of scripts that need to change to make this work. Is it better to change the startup scripts, or just create symlinks from the respective directories under /opt/lampp to the desired locations?

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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 31. December 2004 00:03


Symlinks will be better...
Some Paths you won't be able to change, cos they are staticly compiled..
So Symlinks is the best solution...

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Postby ArcticLama » 05. February 2005 20:30


I too wanted to do the same thing as Infotactix asked. So I did exactly what you suggested: create a symlink:
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# mv /opt/lampp/htdocs /home
# cd /opt/lampp
# ln -s /home/htdocs htdocs

It did work perfectly :) Thanks a lot for your suggestion, Kristian!
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Postby LiNx » 12. February 2005 19:53

All I wanted to change was the apache directory, and I did that my modifying two lines in httpd.conf at around line 350... I haven't had any problems since.
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