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XAMPP Memory Leak (on two seperate installs)

PostPosted: 29. December 2004 15:17
by cluettr
I've installed XAMPP on Redhat 9 and when I start the xampp process memory usage over the course of 24 hours hit's the maximum. I have more than 300MB of RAM in the server. As a test, I took an identical server and installed Redhat 9 then xampp and again hit the same problem. Is anyone aware of this memory leak, and if so, how do I correct it? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

PostPosted: 29. December 2004 15:31
by Oswald
Can you identfiy which process consumed so much memory? Apache, MySQL or ProFTPD?


PostPosted: 29. December 2004 15:38
by cluettr
I am not exactly sure. I am not running ProFTP, I disabled that. I'll disble MySQL and see if that is the root cause so we can at least narrow it down to Apache. I'll post back in a few... (thanks for the quick response).

PostPosted: 29. December 2004 15:39
by FrancescoRossi
Dunno if it helps, but I'm running a server with red hat 9 and xampp and on the 24 hours I hadn't yet noticed this leak...
and I have only 128mb of ram

PostPosted: 29. December 2004 16:20
by cluettr
Friends, The problem is MySQL. I stopped that process from running and no longer see the memory usage incrementing (while Apache is still running). Any ideas while I scrub the internet for a possible solution?

PostPosted: 29. December 2004 16:28
by Kristian Marcroft

does the MySQL logfile give you any clues?
Just to be sure.. is your system Time set right?
type "date" in the shell.

So long

PostPosted: 29. December 2004 16:35
by cluettr
Date is accurate on the system, and the .err mysql file indicates nothing which seems abnormal. It simply repeats the following:

041229 10:16:27 mysqld started
/opt/lampp/sbin/mysqld: ready for connections.
Version: '4.1.7-log' socket: '/opt/lampp/var/mysql/mysql.sock' port: 3306 Source distribution
041229 10:16:52 [Note] /opt/lampp/sbin/mysqld: Normal shutdown

041229 10:16:52 [Note] /opt/lampp/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete

041229 10:16:52 mysqld ended