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port 80

Postby FrancescoRossi » 29. December 2004 15:07

Hi again guys..
after long tuning I came out in configuring my lan in this way.

DSL modem, connected to a hub. Windows XP system acting as a sharing connection server (using ICS) a DHCP line for a laptop and a Linux PC acting (better it should be) as a webserver with xampp on it.

The first thing I enabled was the FTP connection. I've done this by configuring the FTP service in Xampp to act on the port 2121 (port 21 is busy). Using www.canyouseeme.org I was able to check with success the service on this port. To allow this to happen I had to add configure on my Windows system a port redirection (always using ICS). It worked fine.

I then redirected the HTTP port (80) on my webserver. I didn't edit httpd.conf, since I want it to work on port 80. I used just the same procedure I did with success on the FTP port redirection. But when I try to check the service, i recive a "connection timed out" error. Moreover I'm not able to see the site located in the xampp directory (or subdirectories) even in local, by my LAN. I can only see it just from the webserver's browser itself!

Can anybody give me an help on this one?

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