SSL Problems

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SSL Problems

Postby gadgetsman » 23. November 2004 17:44

Hello guys, need your help. I finished complete Xampps installation with no problems. Everything works great, BUT... In the beginning I generated test ssl certificate for server. Worked out ok. Then, we are going to go to production, so I generated certificate request, sent it to GeoTrust and recieved a key and certificate from them. Now, no matter what I do, I cant get it to work. Virtual server is setup, docroot was changed to match it in http.conf and ssl.conf. I copied my new key and cert to same dir where original one is, but it still pulls old certificate and not a new one. I even changed the name of cert in ssl.conf, but it brings up error that Apache cant start. Please help. I am so stuck right now

Fedora core 1 server.[/b]
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