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apache? issues...

PostPosted: 20. November 2004 05:10
by A3M0N
ok, so i have this package installed, everything goes off without a hitch.

start it up, no prob. go to my main machine and try to access the homepage of my linux box, get this error: 'The connection was refused when attempting to contact xx.xx.xx.xx.'

help please!


PostPosted: 21. November 2004 05:13
by Dave_L
Did you start XAMPP, or at least Apache? That's the message you get if Apache's not running.

PostPosted: 21. November 2004 05:54
by A3M0N
yup, its started. i've installed it on its own before (package from a debian ftp site) and it worked great. so did php, i was just having mysql issues. so i thought i'd try out xamp. but i'lll give it a go again. whats the command to see what processes you are running?


PostPosted: 21. November 2004 05:58
by A3M0N
ok, i started it again, and all was running but apache?! go figure. but now its timing out. thanks again for your help! i'd really like to get this running.