PHPMyAdmin Upload a text file.

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PHPMyAdmin Upload a text file.

Postby scottg » 19. October 2004 01:12

I am trying to up load a text delimited file to a mysql database using a text delimited file. I can do it with no problems when I use the windows version of XAMPP, but I get an error that says "You should select file which you want to insert." I have selected the file. I have tried to run this command on the server that I have XAMPP installed on, and from various other clients running Windows. I have tried to do DATA and DATA LOCAL and I get the same error message. I have ran the command in windows and then copied the SQL that is run and tried to run the same command in Linux, changing the file location of course. That gives me an SQL error. If there is any one out there that has had a similar problem, or knows how to solve it, it would be much appreciated. I am running Mandrake 10 on my linux box. I am logged in as root with all permissions when I try to upload these text files. Thanks.
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