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SSL on Intranet

PostPosted: 22. February 2021 04:44
by TobyWild
Hi everyone,

I'm a web dev been thrown into the DevOps side of thing and I've got a problem.

I have an Intranet server running CentOS, Apache, MySql, Php, and the site is accessible on, and is a real domain that the world can access, with intranet. being only available internally.

The problem is the website we are serving is only being delivered over HTTP, and Edge has decided to simply block all HTTP sites now.
So they can't access the intranet.

In Chrome you get the "This site is unsafe > Click to continue".

I know I need to generate a SSL, but will a self-signed cert be trusted enough?

Re: SSL on Intranet

PostPosted: 22. February 2021 17:24
by Nobbie
As far as i know, that is only an option in Edge, not a MUST. You can enable an option to block insecure contents, but you also can disable that option. See ... e-browser/

Anyway, i would recommend simply to use another browser (Opera?!). I dont think self-signed certificate will work if unsecure content is blocked in Edge. That would not make any sense.