Xampp and PowerDNS. Anyone use these together?

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Xampp and PowerDNS. Anyone use these together?

Postby billthycat » 16. October 2004 18:39

We are looking at creating a new DNS server, I've been messing with Fedora Core2 for the past week and so far have not been able to get PHP, Apache and MySQL to work well together, or at all.

I happened upon the XAMPP project this morning, and was just curious if anyone else has tried using PowerDNS with it?

I like the ability to be able to update the DNS zone files by just modifying the SQL database, this makes management much easier, plus with the front end for PowerDNS, it should make updating DNS much easier than having to edit files from a command prompt. We are hoping to eventually link our Rodopi server with the DNS as well down the road.

Anyone had any success stories with this? Or with any other SQL/PHP driven DNS software? At this point, we have not made any permanent decisions on what software to use, I am just looking at making our lives a little easier.

We only manage a little over 100 domains, so we aren't huge, but the less maintenance we have to do, the easier my life will be.

I'm always open to new suggestions as well, so feel free to give me some tips or pointers.

I probably should tell you that I am somewhat of a newbie with Linux, I've used linux years ago in college, we had some solaris machines, but it's been a while, and I hadn't done any "administrative" work with it.

Even tho Xampp isn't for a production enviornment, we do have a PIX firewall that will sit between it and the world, so I will have some control over what can beat on the server. Pretty much from the outside only port 53 will be open.
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