Which directory?

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Which directory?

Postby matthewbaynham » 23. June 2020 11:01

My Apache server was for the most part working OK then I tried to install something and mess it up. I don't know what I've done to make things go wrong.

I want my website to be located on /var/www/html/ and it was originally. But then I started installing GLPI in /var/www/html/support/ because I wanted it to be in a sub directory.

But now when I go to my website (not the sub directory) it takes me to my GLPI in /var/www/html/support/ rather than it being in a sub directory.

What can I do to to fix this so that the browser will go to /var/www/html/ and not the sub directory?
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Re: Which directory?

Postby jdeperio2 » 26. June 2020 22:24

Have you solved this? If not, I will start with your configuration files or your /var/www/html/index.html. Open using a text editor and check if something has changed. My guess is it was overwritten during installation and now redirecting you to sub directory 'support'
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