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Create database with xampp

PostPosted: 16. May 2020 07:23
by hdawg12

I'm trying to find information on how to create a DB using xampp. This is so I can access my webpage remotely and collect my information into my database. I'm able to access my webpage remotely, but I tried using Kali linux Maria_DB. I successfully created my tables and relative variables, but when I remotely access my webpage(using noip) I am able to see the homepage, but when I try typing in some information that its asking, I get an error on the following page. I'm assuming because its not running xampp(My xampp GUI isn't running). I just mysql server running within Kali linux. Can anyone provide me with a good site where it teaches me how to create a database on xampp so I can point my homepage to it in order to collect information from my home page? Thank you

Re: Create database with xampp

PostPosted: 16. May 2020 11:20
by Nobbie
Please describe more precisely. What is your "webpage"? Where is it running? Which error message to you get? Is Apache running? Does PHP work? Is Xampp installed? On which OS (Kali Linux?)? Its extremely hard to understand your description.

Do you have an URL for us so we can see your webpage?