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Portable xampp in linux

PostPosted: 06. May 2020 00:10
by wago80
I carry my xampp for windows in a usb stick to use it in any machine. All I have to do is change the drive letter to the one I always use and I have my xampp server up and running whenever I go.
I would like to know if there is a way to do the same in linux (more precisely: ubuntu 18.04). I mean carry a xampp installation for linux in my usb stick to plug it in in any ubuntu pc and have my server up and running anywhere I go.
Thank you very much for your time.

Re: Portable xampp in linux

PostPosted: 06. May 2020 02:09
by Altrea
Xampp does not provide a version able to run portable on Linux Devices, sorry.
You can install Linux on a USB pen and integrate xampp to it. But that is not what you want to do i think.

Re: Portable xampp in linux

PostPosted: 06. May 2020 10:48
by Nobbie
Install Xampp (to /opt/lampp), finally move the contents of /opt/lampp to the USB stick.

Later on simply mount the USB stick to /opt/lampp or put a symbolic link from the USB mount point to /opt/lampp. Xampp for linux must run harcdcoded from /opt/lampp. It does not matter if it is an USB stick or a harddisk or what device ever. Keep in mind to mount the stick with the proper rights for the installed Users on that linux installation. Linux is not Windows. Dont forget, Linux always requires proper rights management.

Re: Portable xampp in linux

PostPosted: 07. May 2020 09:38
by Nobbie
Actually, i overlooked the need for creating a user "mysql" on the Xampp server. This is usually done by the installer, therefore you cannot simply plug in the USB stick and run Xampp. You have to create a "mysql" user at first and this must have a certain UserId (which i dont know, i will have a look on my Laptop later on, currently i am writing on my android tablet). If linux lacks the "mysql" user, Xampp cannot access the databases.