mutiple installations of xampp on the same host

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mutiple installations of xampp on the same host

Postby ivanpellegrin » 04. October 2004 18:44

i'm new to this forum, pleaase be kind...

i'm thinking about the following scenario:
- one server
- multiple xampp environments

each xampp environment is independent from each other and may be a differerent release.

i understand from the installation notes that when you install a new version of xampp "already installed XAMPP versions get overwritten".

this wouldn't allow you to test a new release of software in one environment while still running the old release in another environment, both environment being on the same host.

has anybody experimented with multiple xampp environments on the same server? i would appreciate any view on this subject...
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better yet..

Postby ascheinberg » 05. October 2004 02:12

Can XAMPP do virtual sites? ideally, can I setup a second website to work on a different TCP port?

I want to host multiple sites on one box, and I love XAMPP.


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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 05. October 2004 08:23


1. No you cannot run 2 XAMPPS on one Machine.
XAMPP has to be in /opt/lampp now since you dont have two /opt/lampp how do you want to do this?

2. Of cource XAMPP/Apache supports VirtualHosts.
You can have as many Sites as you like on a single XAMPP.
You dont need a XAMPP for each Website you have.

So long
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Postby ivanpellegrin » 05. October 2004 11:34


thank you for your reply.

it's a pity that the architecture that xampp proposes does not allow for multiple environments on the same host.

a normal practice of that i apply to oracle environment which is an area where i have 20 years experience is to install oracle rdbms software, application sofware, database datafiles, etc, all under one directory, for example:

-> db (database software)
-> data (database datafiles)
-> ora (application server software)
-> appl (application files, such as jsp, sql, rdf [reports], fmx [forms], etc)

in that way it is possible to have virtually an unlimited number of environments within one host, for example:


one of the reasons why this particular architecture is very beneficial is where you need to apply a particular patch or upgrade a particular piece of software for one environment but you don't know whether that change is going to have any negative side-effects on any of the other environments running on the same host...

another reason is that by keeping each environment independent, cloning procedures of an environment could be implemented, where each clone is still a completely independent entity... for instance you might want to clone your production environment into a new development environment where you want to test a new version of php, while your functional analysts are still functionally configuring on your testing environment for a certain release of your product and your users community is doing user acceptance testing on yet another user acceptance testing environment... and all of these environments can coexist (with the possible exception of the production environment if your budget can help it) on the same host...

obviously if the xampp is installed by default on /opt/lampp and there is no way of reconfiguring this, then this option is not viable... but i was curious to see if anybody had already considered this option...

i wonder how you solve the problem of creating moltiple environments on the same host, for example a development environment which uses a certain release of xampp in order to support possible changes to be made to the current production environment, and a development environment which uses the next release of xampp where you are working on the next upgrade of your production environment? any view on your practice would be most welcome...
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