Firefox as root and XAMPP

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Firefox as root and XAMPP

Postby peppebrescia » 28. February 2019 12:36

Hi, i recently installed XAMPP on Ubuntu 18.04 and encountered a paradoxal error : in order to execute the XAMPP Manager i need to be root, but when from the XAMPP Manager GUI I select the option "Go to Application" ,that should launch a browser in order to accomplish the action, I get an error reported in the shell that says :
"Running Firefox as root in a regular user's session is not supported. ($HOME is /home/myusername which is owned by myusername.)"
What can I do to overcome this issue?
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Re: Firefox as root and XAMPP

Postby Nobbie » 28. February 2019 16:00

You can try to use a different default browser (for example Chrome). But anyway, the Xampp GUI starts the browser with root rights, if your browser (and or Linux) prohibits running with root rights, you cannot use the Xampp GUI for this scenario.

i don't find it very cumbersome, you can just start a browser yourself.
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