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Xampp slow down my internet connetion

PostPosted: 16. December 2018 19:02
by ChopinWeb0

I have recently installed Owncloud in Xampp. I open ports. And I wanted to download a archive of 1 GigaByte and my browser say me :

16h48m left

After that I try a and there are my results :

0.3 mbps of Download
0 mbps of Upload, he crashed before end and say me my fire wall block him, but my fire wall is not active !

Then, I stopped my server and I re test :

44.83 mbps of Download
14.61 mbps of Upload

I re start the server and I restart the operation and I have the same Issue at every time. My best performance is 10 mbps of Download with the server activted.

Thank you in advance