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Docker Image for XAMPP Updated to latest 7.2.12

PostPosted: 29. November 2018 06:12
by cswl1337
Hello.. I didnt know my docker image
Has been pulled 150+ times..

So I updated it to latest Ubuntu 18.04 and XAMPP Linux 7.2.12
And updated Instructions too

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Docker image containg Ubuntu 18.04 and the latest XAMPP 7.2.12.

Note: This image was built for development purposes.

Getting the image:
The image has been pushed to Dockerhub
So you can just:

docker pull cswl/xampp
Running the image:
For convience, an startup script is provided.

    without arguments will launch xampp-docker and drop a bash shell

xampp-docker stop
    stops the running docker container

xampp-docker commands
    run a one-off command in specified Docker container

This image uses /www directory for your page files, so you need to specify the volume mount it.
Your webpage will be served at: http://localhost:8086/www
And to open up the XAMPP interface: http://localhost:8086/
The MySQL port is also exposed at at mysql://localhost:3086

All the XAMPP services are started by default.
To startup a bash shell. Just run the startup script without arguments.

Edit the startup script if you want to give the container a different name.
You can directly modify httpd and other stuffs from container.