questions about xampp and suse 9.1

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questions about xampp and suse 9.1

Postby whitebox » 01. October 2004 16:17

now that i have installed and tested windows version which is working great and i can't get all the standard software on linux suse 9.1 to run i would like to try xampp for linux. so my question is
do i have to uninstall apache2, mysql and php this came with suse 9.1 packages from suse and then install xampp
i was trying to get same results that i got on windows on linux without installing xampp way to complicated and mysql will not work for me i mean the one that came with suse 9.1 so again should i uninstall apache, mysql and php before installing xampp
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Postby communich8 » 01. October 2004 16:48

Only deactivate the Services like apache2, Mysql, ... in SuSE, than run Xampp and etherything works fine!

You don´t have to remove it!

:lol: Willi
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Postby Riklaunim » 02. October 2004 19:03

I've use standard install of SuSe 9.1 Personall, I've added Xampp without removing Apache/MySQL/etc. suse packages...
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Postby Nick Taylor » 04. October 2004 09:19

I think you don't need to uninstall Apache/PHP/MySQL packages that came with Suse, just make sure they're not running, and then install XAMPP and make sure you ediy the right files (in /opt/lampp/).
That's how I did it, with Suse 8.0 Professional, Suse 9.0 Professional, and Suse 9.1 Personal. And it worked perfectly fine! 8)
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