Install / activate ssl for Xampp on CentOS

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Install / activate ssl for Xampp on CentOS

Postby aferweb2016 » 25. September 2018 08:38

Hi all
I use Xampp (lampp) on CentOS 7 (XAMPP for Linux 5.6.15-2 : Apache/2.4.17 with PHP/5.6.15).
I must install and enable SSL and must generate and load an SSL certificate.
I searched on the internet how to do it, but I did not find anywhere how to do it for xampp under CentOS, and what I found for other operating systems did not work for me.
Please, can someone give me a step-by-step procedure for my situation.
I'm sure this would help many others, because as I told, there is no "how to" on web for Xampp on CentOS.
Thank you very much,
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Re: Install / activate ssl for Xampp on CentOS

Postby Nobbie » 25. September 2018 10:39

Maybe there is no CentOS tutorial, but there are lots of tutorials about Xampp SSL on linux, what is quite sufficient. For example ... on-ubuntu/

Xampp path is /opt/lampp for each distribution, therefore a linux tutorial works on all Xampp linux installations.

Keep in mind, that modern browser sometimes do not accept self-signed certificates. Instead of creating your own certificate, you then have to go for an "official" SSL certificate from an official registrar. These mostly costs a bunch of money, there is only one registrar which delivers certificates for free and that is "Lets encrpyt" (google it).
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